CheckMate Pro v2 Updates

This article describes the updates to the CheckMate Pro Specification for v2, which was released on June 15, 2013.

New Topology Requirements

CheckMate Pro v2 includes more stringent requirements for topology quality. For more details on these new requirements, see Meeting the CheckMate Pro v2 Topology Requirements. .

2.2.3    Clean edge flow: Model must have the best possible edge flow, with sufficient geometry to meet these requirements without superfluous geometry.      Subdividable Topology: Model can be cleanly subdividable for higher detail and still retain shape of model.      No poles with more than 5 edges on curved surfaces      Holding/support edges present to retain shape after subdivision      Exception for realtime models: An exception can be made for models intended for game engines, realtime display, or background elements. These models must have the lowest number of polygons possible while still retaining the model’s shape, but do not have to conform to the points above. For such models, a high percentage of triangles is allowable, provided they are necessary to make the model shape with the lowest number of polygons possible.

2.2.4      Crease value: 3ds Max and Maya only: Value of Crease parameter must be 0 for all edges. 

This requirement ensures that a subdividable model, when converted to other formats, will retain the same shape when subdivided. If the model is a realtime model (not subdividable), there is no reason to have a Crease value other than 0.

New Naming and Organization Requirements

2.6.4   Objects must have short, easy-to-scan names.

2.6.5   Objects are contained in a layer structure, with the layer having the same name as the product. Note: Only models inspected after June 15, 2013 are guaranteed to meet this point of the specification.

    • 3ds Max – Layers
    • Maya – Display Layers
    • C4D – Layers
    • XSI – Layers
    • LightWave – Include the .lws with the model and organize using a null object

New Wireframe Image Requirements    Subdividable model wireframe requirements: At least two (2) additional wireframes with these attributes:   One wireframe shows entire model with Subdivision Level 0, with text label stating such   One wireframe shows entire model with Subdivision level above 0, with text label stating such   Optional: Additional wireframes showing different Subdivision Levels may be added

A Photoshop PSD file with suitable Subdivision Level text is available for download on the CheckMate Tools page. Please use this PSD file to set the text on these wireframe images.

New Description Requirement

3.6.8   Low poly models (models not Subdividable) must include the text “Intended for game/realtime/background use” in Description.