Resetting Transforms

When you create your 3D model you will undoubtedly move, rotate, and even scale its parts during the process. However, if you don’t reset the object’s transforms, customers can experience difficulties in working with the model. Different software applications require different approaches in order to prepare models for easy use.

CheckMate Pro Logo For CheckMate Pro (2.5.1) and StemCell (4.1) certification, you must reset your transforms.

In 3ds Max, you must make sure each object is at 100% scale at the object level. Any scaling left at the object level can cause strange things to happen when the model is used in a linked hierarchy or when the model is exported for use in another application. You can fix this problem with the Reset Scale option in the Hierarchy tab. See the 3ds Max video in the Real-World scale topic to find out how to use this tool.

1. Select the object you want to freeze the transforms on.

2. Go to Modify > Freeze Transforms.

3. Your transform values will all be zero now, with the exception of scale which will be one.

1. In order to freeze an object’s coordinates you will first need to have the object selected. Then while in “object” mode, click on the “Coordinate” button to the bottom right of the viewport.

2. At this point you will see all the coordinates of the object. Underneath the coordinates you will see the “Freeze Transformation” bar. By dropping down Freeze Transformation you will then notice the “Freeze All” button along with slots for more coordinates.

3. By clicking the freeze all button you will then lock your coordinates into the current space your object is in.

4. If you want to reset the transform after moving the object around you can either zero out all of the top coordinates or you can simply use the “Reset PSR” command. This command can be found by going to Character >Commands > Reset PSR.

1.In LightWave Modeler select the objects (CTRL + A)

2. On the upper left hand corner you, select the “Modify” tab

3. Select the “Align” tab on the left

4. Select the “Rest on Ground” in the drop down menu

5. Check the “center: X Axis”, “Y Axis”, and “Z Axis” and hit the “Ok” button

  1. First, select the model and go into object mode.

Object Mode

2. Next, open the transform panel by dragging it from the plus on right side of the 3d viewport.

Transform Panel

3. Finally, right-click on the transform value you want to reset and click “Reset All to Default Values”. This will reset the transform values for your object.

Reset All to Default Values