Isolated Vertices

In a 3D model, an isolated vertex is a vertex that is not attached to a face. Isolated vertices sometimes result from complex modeling processes or from importing models from CAD applications.

While isolated vertices don’t usually cause rendering problems, they can often break a customer’s workflow. For example, the skinning process for a rigged character often relies on numbered vertices, which means isolated vertices can add unnecessary confusion and potential errors to the process. This problem is particularly frustrating for customers because it’s easy for you to fix before you publish your model for sale, but it might take the customer hours to detect and fix the problem after they buy.

CheckMate Pro LogoPSLogo For CheckMate Pro (2.1.1), PixelSquid (2.2.1), and StemCell (1.3) certification, your model must not use any isolated vertices.

1. Click on the plus symbol in the upper left corner of the viewport, from there select Xview > Isolated Vertices. Green text telling you how many isolated vertices your object contains will appear in the bottom middle area of the viewport.

2. Go to the menu at the top and click Customize > Units Setup, then click the box for Generic Units.

3. Go to the Modify Panel and select the Edit Poly Modifier. Then change the selection type to Vertices.

4. Go back to the green text at the bottom middle of the viewport and right click it. Then hit Select results. Your isolated vertices will be selected.

5. In the Modify Panel, press the Remove Isolated Vertices button, or simply hit the delete key.

6. Your model is now free of isolated vertices.

1. In order to find Isolated vertices in Maya, download the TurboSquid CheckMate Tools script.

2. Once you have downloaded the script run the “Isolated Vertices” test.

3. If there are any isolated vertices, they will now be selected. They will also appear listed in the script window in the bottom right corner.

4. Now that the isolated vertices are selected go to Edit Mesh > Delete Edge/Vertex.

5. Once you have deleted the isolated vertices, run the script again to make sure all the isolated vertices have been deleted. If the have all been successfully deleted the script window in the lower right corner will say “False” when the “Isolated Vertices” test is performed, this means your model in now free of isolated vertices.

1.Select your object then go into Mode > Modeling. The Modeling Settings will appear in the bottom right portion of the screen.

2. Now click “Enable Mesh Check.” Then all Isolated vertices will light up in the viewport on the model itself.

If you notice in the Mesh Checking section that the amount of isolated vertices or points are found right next to the Select button.

3. In order to fix the vertices be sure to have the points selected then use the optimize command. The “Optimize” command is used for combining and/or removing stray verts that are left over from deleted polygons. To find the optimize command go up to the main menu then select Mesh > Command > Optimize.

Once a Scene file is created all the Isolated vertices in the modeling file are removed from the scene.