External Resources

There are many resources on the internet with in-depth information about PBR workflows, texturing, UV techniques and more. TurboSquid has gathered many of the most helpful resources and articles here to assist artists creating StemCell content.

PBR Render Theory

Below is a collection of articles from multiple industry leading sources that should help artists get a deeper understanding PBR workflows as well as the mathematics and science behind physical based rendering.
PBR In Practice
PBR Specular to PBR Metallic Texture Conversion (Can be used to standard Specular workflow with a few more steps)
DONTNOD (Very informative PBR reference)

PBR Textures in Production Renderers
Everything is Shiny
Everything has Fresnel
PBR Encyclopedia
PBR Texturing Overview (Real-time Environments)
PBR Siggraph papers (2010)

  • Background: Physically-Based Shading (Naty Hoffman) [slides] [course notes]
    Practical Implementation of Physically-Based Shading Models at tri-Ace (Yoshiharu Gotanda) [slides] [course notes]
  • Crafting Physically Motivated Shading Models for Game Development (Naty Hoffman) [slides] [course notes]
  • Terminators and Iron Men: Image-Based Lighting and Physical Shading at ILM (Ben Snow) [slides] [course notes]
  • Faster Photorealism in Wonderland: Physically-Based Shading and Lighting at Sony Pictures Imageworks (Adam Martinez) [course notes]