Application Material Setup: Marmoset

To Marmoset

A calibrated Marmoset scene being provided for accurate and consistent results. The Ground Plane Opacity map will need to be reapplied after downloaded as Marmoset does not support relative pathing. It can be downloaded here: Marmoset Calibration Scene

Example Video:
Metallic Workflow Setup


  1. Import model into StemCell Calibrated Studio scene in Marmoset.
  2. Metallic scene Camera position setup with three quarter view for QA
  3. Check Flip Y for Normal Map (DirectX Normals).
  4. Check invert on Gloss for Roughness Map in Metallic Workflow
  5. Turn off sRGB option on maps except for Albedo and AO map
  6. Turn off “Use MipMaps” for all map slots
  7. Set Reflection type to GGX
  8. Save one Marmoset scene for Metallic Workflow.

Glass Materials:

  1. Set Transparency mode to Dither
  2. Turn off Use Albedo Alpha
  3. Channel set to use R
  4. Make sure sRGB Color Space is on in Options