CheckMate Pricing

CheckMate Certified models use a tiered pricing system.

CheckMate Lite Price Tiers

  • $19
  • $39
  • $59
  • $79
  • $99
  • $119 and up in $20 increments: $139, $159, etc.

CheckMate Pro Price Tiers

  • $29
  • $49
  • $79
  • $99
  • $149
  • $199
  • $249
  • $299
  • $349
  • $399 and up in $100 increments: $499, $599, etc.

Lowest Pricing Tier

Prices of $19 for CheckMate Lite and $29 for CheckMate Pro are appropriate only for certain models. The CheckMate policy of requiring the model to be above the average price of similar models still applies, so only select CheckMate models will eligible for this lower pricing tier.

Pricing Guidelines

Before you can submit a product for CheckMate Certification, it must conform to the appropriate pricing structure. The price of the product must be at least the average price of comparable selling models.

Finding the Average Price

To get the best idea of the average price for comparable models, search using your main keyword. From here you will want to narrow the search down to CheckMate certified models only.

Using the Quality Level drop down menu, you can choose CheckMate Pro or Pro and Lite certified models only.

Use the Sort drop down menu to organize the models prices.  

Look at models with content and complexity similar to your own.Your model’s attributes such as polygon count, rigging and animation, texture quality, and UV mapping technique will factor into the price as well. Finding other comparable, certified models will give you a working average that you can use to accurately price your model.